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32oz. Bottle Purple Haze Spray Glaze
Purple Haze Spray Glaze is the ultimate companion to new vehicles and those that have recently been professionally detailed or glazed. Its "Advanced Formula" design safely removes microscopic pollutants and debris off the pained surface while at the same time imparting a brilliant deep gloss finish. Itís the perfect match to maintain and enhance your carís showroom luster. - $19.95

16oz. Bottle Super Concentrated Car Wash
A super concentrated formula. Makes mounds of rich, lubricating suds that float away dirt and road grime - even grease! pH balanced! Will not harm waxed finishes. Free rinsing formula. Resists spots and streaks. Use only 1/2oz. per gallon of water! Buy 4, get 1 free! - $3.50

1 Gallon Interior Shampoo
A concentrated top performer. Extremely economical to use. Just pennies for a great looking interior. Cleans carpeting, seats, headliner, and more! Leaves a fresh lemon scent. Use only 3 to 6oz. per gallon of water. Perfect for carpet cleaning machines. - $17.75

Soft washmitts for easier washing of cars! - $3.95

Hand Wax Applicator Pad
Wax pads for easier application of waxes and dressings.. - $1.95

Sprayer for use with 32oz. bottles below. Long lasting. - $2.95

32oz. Bottle
Heavy duty 32oz. bottle for use with sprayers above. - $1.95

Milwaukee High Speed Buffer
High speed buffer for use in detailing cars. Removes swirl marks, spider webs, etc. This is the one the professionals use! Use in combination with the orbital buffer below for a fantastic looking finish!. - $334.04

Orbital Buffer
18lbs. heavy duty orbital buffer. Use to put a high gloss finish on your vehicle. - $358.22

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