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Electronic rust control is a proven science. For over half a century an electrical method known as cathodic protection has effectively controlled corrosion on underwater steel bridge supports and underground pipelines. This method incorporates a technique know as capacitive coupling which uses the water or soil as a conductive medium. Various companies have manufactured electronic rust control units for the automotive industry based on this principle. These units would have a greater rate of success in inhibiting corrosion should you bury the car underground or better yet, submerge the vehicle underwater! In the "on the road" application, however, the most common conductive medium available is air. The amount of air between the source and the car body is relatively small, and air is a very poor conductor.

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Protect Your Investment with the Rusterminator!

We took note of this inferior coupling method and took the appropriate steps to improve it. The Rusterminator was designed and engineered specifically for automotive applications. After more than two years of research and development, we have designed a "Direct Coupled" method of "Impressed Current Flow" that eliminates the need for a conductive medium. The signal produced by the Rusterminator is sent directly into the vehicles body. From that point, a positive pulse is sent to all metal grounded to the vehicle body. This "pulse" works to equalizes the many small galvanic differences that exist in an auto body, effectively stabilizing the metal to guard against the damaging decay of metal perforation. Existing corrosion, depending on the condition of the vehicle, will be controlled and further growth will be suppressed.  The newer the vehicle, the better the performance level of the Rusterminator.

Electronic Rust Control

The Rusterminator is the superior choice for an electronic rust deterrent system that protects your vehicle 's metal body from perforation caused by corrosion. Now there is an alternative way to guard against the damaging decay caused by moisture and road salt. Unlike traditional, messy methods of applied petrochemicals and harmful solvents, the Rusterminator is completely safe for the environment! Protects against rust from the inside out AND the outside in!

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