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Tough Protection That Beats the Thief!
Lifetime Warranty on Module, 1 Year on Trasmitters
We Solder Connections Factory Trained Techs

When you want protection, simply press the transmitter button.  Arming will be confirmed clearly by a siren chirp and parking light flash.  A dash mounted LED will also blink.  To disarm, simply press the transmitter button again.  Disarm will be clearly confirmed by two or more siren chirps and two parking light flashes.  The dash mounted LED will go out.


BASIC SYSTEM - $199.95 Installed!

Remote Panic • Arm/Disarm Chirps/Parking Light Confirmation • Two Code Rolling Transmitters • 'Smart' Valet Overrides Alarm but Allows Operation of Convenient Features • Flashing Parking Lights • 125dB, 6-Tone Siren • Auto Rearm Reset • LED Status Indicator • Entry Point Protection • 2nd Button Used for Options • LIFETIME WARRANTY



SECURITY OPTIONS - Pricing at time of installation

Lock Popper Activates Your Power Door Locks..
Extra Siren..
Extra Pin Switches..
Door Actuators, Each..
Remote Trunk Opener..
Field Disturbance Sensor..
2-Stage Field Disturbance Sensor..
* Door Lock Interface (if required)..

..$19.95 and up



MECP Certified Techs



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